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Okay all. I've got my first question(s).

Who are you and what makes you right? My name is Karley. I'm going for my Marriage and Family Therapy masters at FSU. Eventually I want to become a Sex Therapist, which is where this community came from. I just thought it would be nice to have a place where people could come and ask questions.
Nothing makes me right. This community is based on opinions. If I state an opinion and you don't agree with it, tell me or give your own opinion on the matter at hand. Theories and opinions aren't necessarily facts. Some things that work for some people don't work with all people. That's why it's nice to have lots of different opinions and options for people to try.

How much experience have you had. i've had 4 sexual partners. Every experience was different in their own way and I learned tremendously about my own body as well as theirs.
What kind of teachers have shaped your views? Books mainly. I know all I know about sex from research and experience. I believe that only you can be your teacher.
What is the 'product' of your sexual journey. I don't do casual sex. I can't have sex with someone unless I have a lot of emotional attachment. Of course raw sex is good too! ;)
Are you here to learn or teach? both. :)
Curious or righteous? Curious
Are your experiences unique? compared to? The common person? some experiences, yes
What is the wing speed of an English Sparrow? hahahaha.. brain overload.

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Hello all! I just wanted to take this time and welcome you to this community.
This community is dedicated to answering any question you have about sex. Whether it be sex, positions, questions about anal play, relationships, bondage related questions, etc. No subject is too taboo!

Just a reminder. You must be at least 18 years old to join this community. We will check!
Also, there will be no discrimination about race, gender or sexual preferences. If you make obscene or unnecessary comments and/or posts, you will be banned from this community!

Now, with that said, welcome to the community!
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